Emu Oil Remedy for Toenail Fungus

Emus are large, non-flying birds that are native to Australia. Emu oil, which has been used for centuries to cure various ailments, is made by refining emu fat into a naturally creamy, non-pore-clogging oil. Modern-day experiments on emu oil remedies have led to the discovery that emu oil is effective at slowly eradicating toenail fungus without any adverse side effects.


Toenail fungus doesn’t live in the “dead” nail. Toenail fungus lives in the live tissues underneath and around the dead nail. Emu oil is effective at eradicating toenail fungus because the fatty acids contained in emu oil are very similar to the fatty acids contained in human skin. Therefore, the skin recognizes emu oil as “natural” and allows it to penetrate all seven layers of skin. After penetrating the lower skin layers, emu oil diminishes toenail fungus by suppressing its ability to reproduce. Over time, repeated applications of emu oil eventually smother the toenail fungus through continued suppression.


Oral prescription medication toenail fungus remedies such as Lamisil can have serious side effects. Other topical over-the-counter toenail fungus treatments may contain phospholipids, a substance that can’t completely penetrate all seven layers of the skin and reach the fungus enough times to achieve a full fungus removal. Emu oil for toenail fungus has become very popular due to its consistent penetration abilities as well as its cost effectiveness. One emu oil toenail fungus application requires only a few drops of emu oil.


The quality of an emu oil remedy for toenail fungus should be thoroughly researched before purchasing. Like any other natural health product, no two emu oil treatments for toenail fungus are alike. Some companies will try to trick the buyer by adding essential oils to the finished product to hide inferior product smells. The highest-quality emu oil should be very light in color and should also be tasteless and odorless. Consumers should also be certain to buy fully refined emu oil that is specifically labeled for human use.

Avoiding Re-Infection During Treatment

Many toenail fungus infections begin as the results of damage to the toenail, such as a cut or tear, that allows yeast, candida and other fungi to colonize and overtake the exposed area. When using emu oil remedies for toenail fungus, it’s not wise to leave the infected area exposed to re-infection by wearing damp socks or shoes. Socks and shoes should be taken off several times a day to thoroughly clean and dry the infected area, reapply the emu oil treatment and let the application completely soak into the skin before resuming sock or shoe wear.

Proper Emu Oil Storage

Storing emu oil properly between treatments will ensure that its potency won’t diminish and thwart the ongoing toenail fungus eradication progress. Emu oil should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from other extreme heat sources, such as a kitchen stove. It’s best to store emu oil at room temperature in a cabinet or other enclosed space. Emu oil can be stored in the refrigerator, but it must be taken out and allowed to return to room temperature before applying.

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