Hair Growth Vitamins for Women

Hair loss can be a major blow to a woman’s self-esteem, because modern society doesn’t accept the idea of bald women as readily as it accepts bald men. Hair growth vitamins can help restore a woman’s self-esteem by combating thinning hair and hair loss that result from vitamin deficiencies. Hair growth vitamins may also help to combat more subtle causes of hair loss in women such as stress.


Vitamins to stimulate hair growth in women are most commonly used to treat thinning hair or hair loss. They may also be used to prevent the onset of hair thinning or loss.

Other Uses

Vitamins that stimulate hair growth also tend to build stronger, healthier finger- and toenails. In addition, hair growth vitamins are usually very good for the skin.


Hair growth vitamins for women may cost anywhere from $20 to $80, or even more, for a month’s supply.


B vitamins, magnesium, silica, vitamin C and the amino acid lysine are some of the most common vitamins used to stimulate hair growth in women.


Most hair growth vitamin compounds for women will have the words “hair” and “women” prominently displayed on their labels. Women can use unisex hair supplements as well.

Hair loss can be a major blow to a woman's self-esteem