Herbal Remedies for Poor Blood Circulation in Feet

Poor foot circulation can be painful, numbing and may interrupt your day-to-day life. By implementing natural remedies, you can treat your poor foot circulation without a ton of expensive trips to the doctor. Natural remedies are often more beneficial to your body than chemicals and drugs.

Ginkgo biloba

According to the American Family Physician 1999 edition, ginkgo biloba is one of nature’s most natural healers and can be found in most health food stores. Beware of ordering this herb online–some e-tailers may not be honest about the natural qualities of their products. Ginkgo biloba has been used for thousands of years to treat poor circulation. It helps thin the blood, thus reducing blood clots while improving overall circulation. It is a strong herb that should not be mixed with prescription drugs without approval from a medical doctor.


Garlic can be incorporated into your diet to ward off illnesses and ailments. Garlic naturally lowers blood pressure and is exceptionally effective with individuals suffering from diabetes. It is an antiseptic and can help lower blood sugar, but it’s also beneficial to your circulatory system and may lower blood cholesterol and blood pressure as well.


Hawthorn berry is widely known for its benefits to the circulatory system. There are more than 1,000 species of hawthorn, typically referred to as shrubs or trees. Taking hawthorn berry internally for long periods of time may benefit the circulatory system. Combining hawthorn berry with garlic, cayenne and ginkgo biloba is an effective treatment for the circulatory system, zeroing in on problems with the feet and ankles.
Bilberry (or huckleberry) is also used to naturally treat circulatory problems. It is typically found in the woods, but can sometimes be found in fields near forests. In addition to helping treat circulatory problems, bilberry may be beneficial in treating many eye issues. It was given to British pilots who flew night missions during World War II.

Poor foot circulation can be painful