Herbs for Skin Mole Removal

Skin moles can be cosmetically unattractive, and annoying when they get caught in clothing or jewelry. In some rare cases, they may develop into a health problem if they become cancerous. Doctors remove moles either surgically or with lasers. But, these techniques may leave a scar, and there is always the possibility of infection setting in. It may be worth trying natural remedies to remove skin moles by using herbs and other natural substances.


Bloodroot has a long history of being used for treating a wide variety of skin problems. Alpha Omega Labs (AlphaOmegaLabs.com) markets a product that contains bloodroot powder, zinc chloride and red clay for wart removal.

Flaxseed Oil

Another remedy that has been used over the years for mole removal is to apply flaxseed oil daily, for several days.


Press the root of a dandelion against a mole, until juice oozes out. Rub the juice over the mole, completely covering it. Do this several times a day.


Crush garlic into a paste. Rub it on the mole. Repeat this daily for several days.

Onion Bulb

Not always effective, but one herbal treatment that has worked for some people is rubbing the juice from an onion bulb onto the mole.

Skin moles can be cosmetically unattractive