How Does Trimspa X32 Work?


TrimSpa X32 is an over-the-counter diet supplement that works by combining appetite-suppressing ingredients with ingredients believed to speed up metabolism. Other ingredients are used to make the dieter feel full. Hoodia, an extract from an African plant, is the essential ingredient in TrimSpa X32. The extract has been shown in preliminary studies to curb the appetite. However, it can also cause dieters to stop craving water. Anyone who takes TrimSpa X32 is advised to drink more water to compensate for this side effect.

Glucomannan and Citrus Narginin

Another active ingredient is Glucomannan. This is a type of soluble fiber absorbs water and becomes larger in the stomach, which can help the dieter feel more full. Citrus narginin is another fiber included in TrimSpa X32. It has the same basic effect as well as adding antioxidants to the diet supplement.

Balancing Blood Sugar

TrimSpa X32 further helps control the appetite by keeping blood sugar levels steady. This can help the dieter maintain from craving sweet foods. The ingredients used for this are vanadium, chromium and glucosamine.

Green Tea Extract

To increase the metabolism, TrimSpa X32 uses green tea extract. This is substance has been shown in studies to raise the metabolism slightly, allowing the body to burn more calories without increasing the amount of exercise. While studies have shown that green tea extract does raise the metabolism, it is only raised by about 4 percent.

How Does Trimspa X32 Work?