How to Apply Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes

Eye shadow can greatly enhance a woman’s entire face. While some women like to choose eye shadow in their favorite colors, this is not how eye makeup should be chosen. When applying eye shadow, you have to consider your coloring, particularly the color of your eyes. You should never match your eye shadow to your exact eye color, as this can cause people to notice your eye shadow more than your eyes. If you have blue eyes, there are a few things to consider when applying eye shadow.

Opt for warm tones. Since blue is a cool color, you can enhance your blue eyes by choosing shadows in warm tones. Taupe and soft peach colors provide nice contrast for blue eyes.

Apply rich brown eye shadow to make your blue eyes stand out. Warm brown is the direct contrast color to blue, so this shade will make your eyes pop the most.

Pick navy eye shadow rather than blue. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid eye shadow that matches your eye color. If you wish to wear blue shadow, opt for a deep navy. This will provide enough contrast to any blue eye color to still allow your eyes to stand out.

Line the lids with deep brown or soft black eye shadow. This will define the eyes clearly and provide a softer look than eyeliner.

Try lavender or violet shades for fun, nighttime looks. Purple complements blue eyes well, enhancing their natural blue tones.

Place silver shadow in the crease of your eyelids. Silver enhances blue eyes and can provide an elegant look.

Use light strokes when applying eyeshadow. Begin with a small amount of shadow on the brush. You can then layer more eye shadow on top until you reach the desired color.