How to Boost Someone’s Confidence

There are several things that will lower a person’s self-confidence, such as getting divorced, losing a job, or gaining weight. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are several factors that effect a person’s feelings of self-worth, including the opinions of others, a disability, experiences at work and a person’s social standing. You can help a friend or family member build her self-esteem through offering a few kind words and a little encouragement.

Encourage the friend or family member to buy some new clothes, get a new hair cut or get a complete makeover. These physical changes can lead to positive self-esteem.

Offer sincere compliments to the person. Point out when your friend or family member tells a funny joke, is wearing a nice shirt or performs well at work.

Join a health club with the friend or family member. Offer to join the person for regular workouts or spa treatments. The person may begin to lose weight and get more fit, which may lead to a more positive self-image.

Perform charity work with your friend or family member. Both of you will feel a sense of self-worth and joy by helping others.

Support the friend or family member in one of her passions or pursuits. Attend a play the person is starring in, go to a book club meeting the person is hosting or purchase a piece of art the person has created.

Avoid putting down other people, including yourself, to make the friend or family member feel better about herself. Insulting other people is not an appropriate way to help anyone gain self-confidence.

There are several things that will lower a person's self-confidence