How to Build Cardio Stamina When You Have Asthma

Having asthma doesn’t mean giving up on building cardio endurance. In fact, some people with asthma find that they can do normal cardio exercises with very little risk of asthmatic symptoms. In other cases, you can make some simple changes in your exercise routine to lessen the impact of cardio on your asthma.

Set aside some time at least four times a week to work on your cardio fitness. Buy a treadmill, join a gym or set up a schedule to walk with a partner.

Talk to your doctor about taking medication before exercise sessions. This is not always necessary, but some asthmatics need to pre-empt attacks before exercising. Also ask your doctor about when you should use a rescue inhaler while exercising.

A good warm-up is essential. Start slowly and then gradually move to a more intense level of exercise. For example, if you are jogging, do not begin by sprinting for 2 minutes. Instead, begin with a slow jog for nearly 5 minutes.

Increase your exercise intensity very slowly. If you use a treadmill, increase your speed by 0.1 mph every minute. This will help your body get used to the pace gradually, which can minimize your chances of an asthma attack.

If you feel out of breath during a workout, slow down. Do not increase your workout intensity until you are sure that your lungs are ready.

At the end of an exercise session, engage in a cool-down routine.