How to Dispute a Hospital Bill

A visit to the hospital involves a great deal of paperwork before admittance. Unfortunately, there is much more after the visit is over. You will receive an Explanation of Benefits and bills from radiologists, doctors and hospitals. Mistakes in amounts of supplies used, the type of room that you occupied, or the number of days in the hospital, can cause hospital costs to rise even higher. If you find mistakes on your bill, you can dispute them. Read on to learn how to dispute hospital bills.

Compare the bill to your records. Check the number of days you were charged for, the number of hours in surgery, the number of doctors in the room and the procedures done. List everything that doesn’t match your records.

Call the insurance company when you find an error. The insurance company has more at stake than you do, because they pay most of the cost. They will speak directly to the hospital.

Contact the hospital if they still refuse to change the bill. Don’t contact the hospital directly, but write to the address provided on the bill under “billing inquiries.” Send them a notice in writing that you are contesting the bill and the reasons why.

Send your letter by certified mail with return receipt so you can prove the hospital received it. Wait for the hospital’s response in writing.

File a complaint the consumer protection agency or the Attorney General’s office of your state if the hospital is not responsive. The National Association of Attorneys General provides a list of phone numbers. See the Resources section for the website.

A visit to the hospital involves a great deal of paperwork before admittance. Unfortunately