How to Fix Loose Skin

It is a great feeling to lose a significant amount of weight, but you might end up with a not so great side effect–loose skin. Hanging skin can be annoying and unsightly. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of steps that you can try in order to get rid of it or to improve its appearance. They range from lifestyle changes to surgery, so you have many options if your initial steps are not effective.

Keep yourself hydrated. One of the main reasons for loose skin is because the skin has lost its elasticity. Drinking plenty of water, especially during physical exertion, will keep it hydrated and contribute to better elasticity.

Apply a moisturizing lotion. Moisture supports good skin elasticity, so if you apply a lotion regularly, your skin will be more elastic. The Fit and Healthy website says that you don’t have to use an expensive lotion. Any inexpensive moisturizer will do a good job.

Do toning exercises on a regular basis. If you add muscle to your body, you’ll build up a tighter layer under the loose skin that can reduce its appearance. Fit and Healthy advises using both dumbbells and resistance machines for the best results. The best pattern for dealing with loose skin is higher reps with lighter weights.

Eat a lean diet. As you build your muscle with exercise, you also want to prevent the formation of fat caused by bad dietary habits. Otherwise, even if you have some initial success tightening your loose skin, it will be stretched out again if you regain your lost weight.

Have surgery to remove the loose skin. If other methods are ineffective and the excess skin is bothering you, a surgeon can remove it. Although the skin will be gone permanently, there will be some scarring. Most insurance companies will not cover this procedure because it is cosmetic rather than a medical necessity. If you want to have it done, you will have to pay out of pocket.

It is a great feeling to lose a significant amount of weight