How to Get Rid of Very Sweaty Feet

Sweaty, smelly feet can be an embarrassing problem, especially if you ever have to remove your feet in public. Called hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating affects approximately 3 percent of the world’s population, according to the International Hyperhidrosis Society. Foot odor occurs when sweat interacts with bacteria on the skin. Because your feet are usually confined to shoes, sweat cannot evaporate, making it more likely that you’ll experience sweaty feet and wet socks. Several options are available to reduce or prevent excessive foot perspiration and eliminate the bacteria that cause smelly feet.

Wear cotton or wool socks. Natural-fiber socks absorb sweat and don’t cause the excess sweating that polyester or nylon socks can cause.

Wash your feet frequently with soap and lukewarm water. Frequent washing removes sweat and bacteria. Be sure to wash between toes, as bacteria can accumulate in this area.

Change your socks throughout the day if they become sweat-soaked. Putting on a clean pair of socks after washing your feet can help reduce odor and make your feet more comfortable.

Spray antiperspirant on the bottoms of your feet after you shower and before you put on your shoes in the morning. Reapply the antiperspirant each time your wash your feet. Stronger prescription-strength antiperspirant may be needed if regular-strength antiperspirant is not strong enough to control your problem.

Put absorbent liners in your shoes to soak up sweat and reduce odor. Carry a supply of liners with you so that you can replace them if they become soaked with sweat. Liners can be found at drugstores.

Use absorbent powder on your feet to reduce moisture. Apply powder during the day as needed to help reduce perspiration.

Wear shoes made of mesh, leather or canvas. These types of materials allow your feet to breathe, resulting in less sweating. Avoid wearing rubber or plastic shoes, as this type of material may cause your feet to sweat excessively.

Give your shoes a break. Sweaty feet make the insoles of your shoes wet. Allowing shoes to dry completely before wearing them again can help reduce odor. Alternate your shoes and allow at least one day for shoes to dry before wearing them again.