How to Obtain an Emergency Medical Visa to the USA

In order to get medical emergency treatment in the United States, you will need to apply for a B-2 visa or tourist visa. You will need to visit a US Embassy near you and submit medical documents to help establish your eligibility for a B-2 visa. However, the medical documents you provide will not guarantee the issuance of a B-2 visa if you are found to be otherwise ineligible.

Obtain a letter from the physician in your home country describing the medical condition, such as the necessity of the need to travel to the United States and certifying that such medical care is not available in your home country.

Obtain a letter from the hospital or physician in the United States stating that they have accepted you and are prepared to treat the illness and providing the estimated cost of the medical treatment including all incidental costs.

Obtain financial evidence (bank statement detailing money transfers, deposits and withdrawals for the past one year) of how you will pay for the expenses of your medical and incidental expenses in the United States.

Visit the nearest United States Embassy in your home country and ask to make an emergency appointment for a medical visa. Tell them when you need to be in the United States. Be prepared to pay for any additional fees for emergency and rush services.

Bring all your requirements to the US Embassy on your appointment day. You will be given a medical exam and interviewed by a US Embassy panel physician to determine whether medical treatment can be done in your home country or if treatment can only be done in the United States.

In order to get medical emergency treatment in the United States