How to Prevent Chronic UTIs in Diabetics

Urinary tract infection, (UTI) is a common illness and can affect people of all ages, sex and from all cultures. Conversely, there are a few groups of people that are more susceptible to UTI than others. Women, for example hold a bigger risk of UTI. Patients with diabetes fall under this category as well. Furthermore, pregnant women with diabetes are more susceptible to UTI. Urinary tract infection is more recurrent and severe in patients with diabetes compared to non-diabetic patients. If you are diabetic, this article will show you how to prevent and treat a urinary tract infection.

Alkanize your urine by taking sodium citrate and potassium citrate mineral supplements. All citrates produce an alkaline shift in the urine, causing a harmful environment for bacteria. Only take mineral supplements during the day, preferably after lunch. These minerals should never be taken at nighttime, as urine that remains in the bladder during sleep can irritate the bladder tissue and can cause infection. Mineral supplements are safe to take with diabetic medications.

Take Uva Ursi tablets. This herb is a natural antiseptic with soothing and strengthening properties. Uva Ursi works by regulating glucose which is utilized by bacteria to spread and grow. The glucose regulating action is good for diabetics.

Take marshmallow root tablets. This herb has soothing and antiseptic properties. It works by destroying UTI-causing bacteria on contact. It also helps reduce glucose in the blood, which is beneficial for diabetics. Take two tablets daily.

Drink cranberry juice. Drink at least three glasses a day. Compounds called proanthocyanidins in cranberry juice act by preventing bacteria to cling to the walls of the urinary tract. You can also take cranberry tablets which have the same effect.

Take garlic supplements. Garlic is a powerful natural broad spectrum antibiotic. It contains allicin, which destroys UTI-causing bacteria on contact and prevents them from spreading and multiplying. This herb lowers blood sugar as well which is beneficial for diabetics.

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