Options for Treating an Earache Without Medicine

Earaches can result from numerous causes, and many times an earache is not caused by an infection. According to emedicinehealth.com, an earache is caused by fluid being caught behind the eardrum during a cold. This fluid only becomes an infection if bacteria begin to form there, and that is when antibiotics are needed. Otherwise, home care and time can heal the ear pain.

Mix a tablespoon of olive oil with a garlic clove and heat over the stove. Let the mixture slightly cool and then place the mixture in an eyedropper. Use as ear drops. If you don’t have garlic, you could also mix cinnamon with olive oil or use heated onion juice as ear drops.

After using ear drops to relieve the discomfort, use some of the leftover mixture to massage into the outer area around the ear. This will also relieve pain.

Another option for relieving pain is to soak a towel in warm or hot water and place it over your ear. Continue to soak in warm water as it cools off.

Once the pain has subsided, begin stretching and massaging the earlobe with your hands. Then, place your fingers in the indentation under your ear and behind your jawbone. Stroke the neck downward and massage the lymph nodes in your throat in order to release the fluid inside.