Dandruff Treatment Options

Dandruff is a problem for many people. It is not caused by shampooing too much. In fact, it is caused by micro-organisms which are pityrosporum-ovale that live on the skin. It is a natural process of the body to release dead skin. For the most part, these organisms don’t cause a problem, however, for some people they do especially when too much oil builds up on the scalp. There is no real way to cure dandruff, but there are ways to minimize, control, or prevent it from recurring every day.

Change your diet. If you notice that dandruff is becoming a problem, increase the amount of vegetable and fruits you eat. You can eat more fish and drink more water as well. The water will help eliminate toxins in your body.

Use specific shampoos. The best shampoos to use will contain anit-microbials such as zinc, sulfur, ketoconazole, or selenium sulfide. Various shampoos to choose from are Selsun Blue, Z-Tar, T-Gel, Head and Shoulders, Pantene Pro-V, or Nizoral. Apply to the scalp and massage it in. Then rinse thoroughly. Make sure to get all of your shampoo out of the hair otherwise it could cause more dandruff.

Try remedies. There are various remedies that will help control dandruff problems. Use lime juice mixed with vinegar or water and massage the scalp. You could also try olive oil and almond mixture. These are known to help your scalp remove the layers of the dead skin rather than it continuously building up.

Wash your hair every day or at least every other day. Massage scalp and rinse shampoo thoroughly using a recommended shampoo. Avoid coloring your hair or using any type of coloring products. And try to avoid scratching the scalp and causing yourself an infection.

Dandruff is a problem for many people. It is not caused by shampooing too much. In fact