Medical Uses for Castor Oil

Castor oil has long been known for its laxative properties, but its medicinal uses are more widespread than as a cure for constipation. From topical treatments to boosting the immune system, castor oil is used in a variety of ways to ease symptoms and treat illnesses.

Skin Conditions

Castor oil may be applied to the skin to heal or alleviate ringworm, rashes and itching. As a topical treatment, massage castor oil into the affected area by a compress. An oil pack can be left on the skin for up to an hour and can be repeated until the area is healed. Castor oil packs are generally used to speed the healing of injuries in cases where the skin is unbroken. Other uses on the skin include the treatment and dissolving of tumors, cysts and warts.

Drug Treatment

Castor oil is sometimes used in traditional medicine to help administer chemotherapy to malignant tumors.

Eye Conditions

Castor oil is sometimes used to treat eye conditions and irritations and is also used as an ophthalmic solution to ease the irritation that results from removing debris from the eye.

Immune System

Castor oil treatment may boost the production of T-cells, which attack and destroy bacteria, cancer cells and fungi. Castor oil packs, in particular, increase the number of T-cells and white blood cells, forming a stronger defense against toxins and infections.

Other Uses

Castor oil is sometimes promoted as useful in treating gallbladder disease, viral and bacterial infections, lymphoma, colon conditions and even Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.