Natural Flu Relief

For most people who are healthy and have no chronic medical problems, influenza is not harmful and will go away on its own in just a week or so. However, the Centers for Disease Control recommends that those with flu-like symptoms see their physician within 48 hours to determine the appropriate course of treatment. For those wanting to relieve their flu symptoms naturally, there are several ideas that are sure to help you feel better soon.

Drink plenty of fluids

Staying hydrated is important for those with flu symptoms. Fluids help replace what is lost during a fever, as well as keep mucus in the lungs and nose from becoming sticky. Drink plenty of fluids such as juice, milk and water. Hot fluids can relieve nasal congestion and soothe irritated airways. Avoid alcohol and caffeine that can have a diuretic affect.

Get plenty of rest

Rest is key to helping the body heal. Grab a good book, curl up on the couch and take it easy.

Be careful blowing your nose

Gentle nose blowing can be an effective way to remove bacteria and viruses from nasal passages. It is important however, that this be done correctly or it could worsen the problem. First, loosen mucus with saline nasal spray. Then, gently press one nostril closed while blowing the other. Blow just one nostril at a time and do so very gently. Do not blow hard or attempt to force mucus from you nose. Doing so could rupture your eardrum or force mucus further into your sinuses.

Try steam for cough and congestion

A steamy shower is one great way to relieve nasal congestion and soothe a dry cough. You can also try sleeping with a humidifier by your bed. Just make sure the filter has been changed recently.

Sleep with your head elevated

Sleeping can be difficult when your nose is congested. Try sleeping in a recliner or with a couple of extra pillows to promote nasal drainage and get a few extra z’s.

For most people who are healthy and have no chronic medical problems