Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy

As men grow older, their bodies begin to manufacture less of the hormone testosterone. When testosterone levels drop, less sperm is produced and this leads to a subsequent reduction in the sex drive. The reduction in libido can lead to depression, anxiety and general feelings of physical weakness. Natural testosterone replacement therapy can aid in the recovery from this imbalance. Affordable, accessible and simple to use; select combinations of vitamins, minerals and herbs can help the body function at its peak while facilitating a return to wellness and vitality.

Peruvian Maca

If you’re experiencing a reduction in libido and believe it may be due to a natural decrease in testosterone levels, use Peruvian Maca on a regular basis. Though it has no actual impact on hormone levels; according to consumer reports, this potato like herb creates a noticeable increase in the sex drive and improves overall energy levels. Maca supplements can be found online or purchased locally at most health food stores. For the best results, take at least 1000 milligrams with each meal.

St. John’s Wort

Though it is most commonly taken to combat depression, St. John’s Wort can also be an effective tool when attempting to treat testosterone deficiency. Regular ingestion of this herb not only elevates the mood, it increased blood flow and improves general circulation. Faster circulation results in higher energy levels and quicker response time when stimulated. On the down side, St. John’s Wort is known to interact with a number of chemicals, so prior to consuming this herbal remedy consult your primary health care provider if regularly take prescription medications. They can advise you on the suitability of St. John’s Wort and help you to determine the correct dosage. If you feel comfortable proceeding without the advice of a medical professional, do not deviated from the instructions on the package.


Zinc is known for bolstering the body’s ability to fight illnesses and heal wounds. It is also closely linked with the maintenance of normal testosterone levels. Inadequate consumption of zinc prevents the pituitary gland from secreting the hormones which trigger the testosterone manufacturing process. This leads to a lower sperm count and a decrease in sexual function. One of the most popular ways to incorporate zinc into the diet is through the ingestion of oysters. Given the boost they give the male reproductive tract, is it any wonder they are often touted as an aphrodisiac? If you’re not a seafood fan, many multivitamins have incorporated zinc into their formula, so check the label. Alternatively, zinc capsules are available on their own in the vitamin section of major department stores and pharmacies.

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