Quit-Smoking Gift Ideas

If someone you know has quit smoking, you may wish to show your support with a small gift. New nonsmokers have many needs, so getting your gift might be as simple as a trip to the drugstore or supermarket, or it could be something a little more complicated and creative.

Fix the Oral Fixation

People who quit smoking like to have something in their mouths to replace cigarettes. Many use gum or hard candy, others prefer lollipops, and some prefer snacks such as pretzel rods. Find out what your friend uses and buy a large supply to stash everywhere — home, office, car. Having the item on hand at all times helps fight sudden cravings.

A case of bottled water is also a great gift; it helps with the oral fixation, and smoking-cessation experts recommend that new nonsmokers drink a lot of water to flush nicotine from their bodies.

Stop-Smoking Programs

New nonsmokers save plenty of money on cigarettes, but they also spend a lot on nicotine replacement therapy. Buy a box of whatever your friend uses (gum, the patch and lozenges are the most popular.) This can give them a little financial relief, or provide them with a valuable emergency stash.

Piggy Bank

Buy a piggy bank and have your friend set aside the cost of their habit every week. Many smokers spend anywhere from $50 to $100 a week on cigarettes, so within a few weeks, your friend may have enough saved to go on a weekend getaway or make a luxury purchase. It’s a good reminder of how far the savings can go when you quit smoking.

Gym Membership

Giving up cigarettes is a great health decision, so why not follow that up with another one? Buying an introductory gym membership for a new nonsmoker provides that person with a healthy after-work environment, a valuable outlet for stress relief and a chance to enjoy newfound lung capacity. Exercise can be habit-forming, and it’s a great habit to have.


New nonsmokers find their sense of smell comes back quickly, so give them a favorite flower, plant or scented candle. This can remind them what they’ve missed all that time they were smoking.

If someone you know has quit smoking