Reflexology for Hip Pain

Reflexology is a tradition of healing that utilizes reflex points on the hands and feet to treat corresponding parts of the body. As a holistic system, reflexology sessions address the entire body, with emphasis then placed on specific areas of interest.


Treatment will most likely include massages of the hip, spine and neck reflexes. As hip pain is often related to spinal misalignment, it is beneficial to treat the skeletal system as a whole.

Hip Reflex

The hip reflex is in the shape of a half-moon, located on the calcaneum bone. It begins just above the heel on the lateral side of each foot, ending before the foot widens.

Spinal Reflex

The spinal reflexes run along the entire medial (middle) side of each foot, stopping at the base of the big toe. The lower back is represented by the heel, while the arch corresponds to the middle back, or thoracic spine.

Neck Reflex

The cervical spine, including the neck reflex, begins where the thoracic reflex ends, up to the knuckle of the big toe. It also runs across the base of the big toe.


Pressure in hip-related areas will likely generate a feeling of tenderness, or slight discomfort. This is normal because it signifies a release of tension, or stagnant energy.