Treatments for Dry Eye Symptoms

Dry eyes can be more than an itchy nuisance, they can pose serious problems, particularly to those who suffer from chronic dry eyes. The treatments for dry eye depend on a number of factors.


According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), dry eyes can be caused be caused by medications, diseases, aging and the environment. Contact lenses and eye surgeries can also cause dry eyes, as can staring at a computer or other screen .


Symptoms include itching, burning, redness and even watering. In severe cases, dry eye can cause vision problems.

Chronic Dry Eye

According to Allergan’s Focus on Dry Eye site, untreated chronic dry eye can cause scarring, eye infection and vision problems.

Contact Lens Wearers

Contact lenses can sometimes contribute to dry eyes. If you experience dry eyes, a doctor may recommend giving your eyes a rest. Sometimes, glasses need to be worn for days, weeks or even months at a time in the event of severely dry eyes or scratched corneas.


For temporary dry eye conditions, over-the-counter drops will often help, like dry eye gel for overnight use. According to the AOA, there are also special drops formulated for contact lens wearers; chronic dry eye sufferers have the option of prescription drops and in-office eyelid treatments.

Dry eyes can be more than an itchy nuisance