What Are Potassium Enriched Foods?

Potassium enriched foods are developed to fortify the nutritional value of a product, to prevent deficiencies and to reproduce the nutrient content of potassium, which may have been lost during food processing.

Natural Potassium

The body responds positively to natural sources of potassium, as found in fruits, vegetables and meats, while potassium enriched foods may act as a beneficial supplement, boosting deficient potassium levels.

Potassium Fortified

Potassium enriched foods are processed products that have been manufactured with chemical additives that may eliminate the natural potassium content, proving a less healthy and effective option in comparison to natural sources.


Individuals with elevated potassium levels due to diabetes, kidney conditions or medication side effects are at risk for developing heart problems and risk increasing their levels of potassium when they consume potassium enriched foods.


Fresh orange juice is enriched with potassium, while canned apricot, grapefruit and prune juices contain concentrations of the electrolyte, and can be used to create healthy treats such as smoothies and popsicles.


In most cases, potassium benefits the body by controlling blood pressure, balancing fluids and promoting healthy nerve and muscle function in deficient individuals, all of which may prevent the onset of heart disease and related conditions.