What Are the Benefits of Mulberry Extract?

According to the Latin poet Horace, circa 35 B.C., “A man will pass his summers in health, who will finish his luncheon with black mulberries.” Mulberry plants have been used in folk medicine for centuries and are being studied as a possible weapon against diabetes.


Mulberries are edible but are less tasty than the other summer berries, according to Life-enhancement.com. Mulberry extract is made from the leaves of the mulberry plant.


For centuries, Chinese herbal medicine has recommended consuming mulberry leaves as a way to suppress high blood sugar levels after meals high in carbohydrates.


When blood sugar levels spike, the body produces extra insulin. Over time, the pancreas’s ability to produce insulin may become impaired or the body may become insulin resistant. This can result in Type 2 diabetes.


Research conducted in Japan has suggested that mulberry extract might be useful in preventing human diabetes by controlling blood glucose changes after meals.


The Mulberry leaf is the preferred food of silk worms.

According to the Latin poet Horace