About Herbal Remedies for Fleas

Herbal remedies for fleas have been used for centuries. Today, there are many chemical formulas on the market to control fleas. However, consumers are becoming more concerned with these man-made treatments and trying herbal remedies instead. They can be just as effective as their chemical counterparts without the high cost.


Herbal remedies for fleas are used to repel the parasites. They may also be used to treat a current flea infestation of dogs, cats or even humans. Most commonly, pet owners who want a safe alternative to chemical solutions turn to herbal remedies to rid their animal companions of fleas.
Herbal remedies for fleas can be used to make a flea shampoo, in the water while bathing the pet, on collars and bedding, or made into a spritz to apply directly to the pet’s coat.


Herbal remedies for fleas generally have a pungent smell that deters the insects. Many of these herbal remedies are simple concoctions of plant-based oils, herbs or barks. More complex remedies are available for purchase from natural health and holistic pet care stores.


There are many different types of herbal remedies for fleas. The simplest and most popular of these are eucalyptus oil, leaves and bark. Fleas detest the smell of eucalyptus and simply placing a part of the plant near pet bedding will repel them. Other herbal remedies for fleas include peppermint oil, lavender oil, cedarwood oil, bay leaves, dried peppermint, cedar wood or bark, garlic, lemon grass oil and rose geranium oil.


Herbal remedies for fleas are often far easier to administer to pets than commercial products and they don’t cause adverse side effects. They are non-toxic if used properly, inexpensive and readily available.


Allergic reactions are a possibility when using herbal remedies. Performing a small test application can help prevent problems. Essential oils, although they are powerful deterrents against fleas, can be toxic if ingested. They should always be placed out of reach of pets and children.

Herbal remedies for fleas have been used for centuries. Today