Herbal Alternative to Cigarettes

Since the data on the dangers of smoking is no longer in dispute, finding ways to quit has become a priority for more and more smokers. The habitual act of lighting a cigarette can sometimes be as tough to break as the physical addiction. While the herbal cigarette alternative may not cure the chemical withdrawal, it may wean you from tobacco cigarettes. If you are absolutely ready to never inhale smoke again, there are also herbal supplement options which may ease withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking: Do Your Lungs Know the Difference?

Herbal cigarettes. while nicotine free, should not be assumed to be harmless. Though made with all-natural herbs, any cigarette you burn and ultimately inhale will contain toxins, but if you must smoke, herbal cigarettes may be a safer alternative. The additives contained in cigarettes—in addition to nicotine—include formaldehyde and other chemicals which are highly dangerous and very addictive. Herbal cigarettes contain natural herbs and no synthetic chemicals.

Light Up

There are several brands of herbal cigarettes on the market that you can purchase at a store or online. The cigarettes come in many flavors, although you should double-check that they are guaranteed nicotine and tobacco free. Various flavors include all-natural, vanilla, marshmallow, and ginseng. You may also choose herbal alternatives to cigarettes like a tobacco-free chew. This is a good choice because you will break both the addiction and the “act” of smoking. Another option is clove cigarettes. Some clove cigarettes still have 60 percent tobacco and only 40 percent ground cloves, so choose a brand that guarantees no tobacco in their products.

Kick the Habit

One smoke-free herbal alternative to cigarettes is herbal supplements which claim to help you quit. Two of the most popular are Avena sativa and Lobelia. Avena sativa has been used in India to cure certain drug addictions and is purported to help with the anxiety and nervousness that accompany withdrawal. Lobelia is purported to have nicotine-like effects and when taken in small doses, may help ease withdrawal. Warning: it should be used in very small doses and only under the care of a physician because it can be toxic. As with any supplement, you should always consult a physician.

Since the data on the dangers of smoking is no longer in dispute