Homeopathic Remedies for Melasma

Melasma is a skin disorder that results in skin discoloration. This disease affects many people, especially women. The color, shape, size and location of the melasma vary from case to case. It is not a serious condition, but it is not enjoyable to have. There are many treatments for melasma, including homeopathic treatments. Treating your melasma with homeopathic medicine will assure that you are comfortable during the difficult treatment process.

Review of Your Condition

The first step in any homeopathic treatment is to review your condition and to give you an interview. The doctor or nurse will inspect your body to see where you are affected by melasma and what color your melasma is tinted. Different types of melasma require different types of medicines. They will also interview you to find if you have any allergies, what kind of treatment you would prefer, what your tolerance is for certain medicines, how comfortable you are with physical therapy, and many other questions. The homeopath wants the treatment to be as comforting to you as it possibly can.


There are many medicines that treat many different kinds of melasma. Sulphur, lycopodium clavatum, sepia offincinalis, thuja occidentalis, argenticum nitricum, cadmium slphuratum, and many others may be used in your treatment. Which medicine will be used depends entirely on your condition, your tolerance and your doctor. It is very possible that you may be allergic to some of these medicines. If you are, let your doctor know and alternative therapies will be possible. If you are not, your doctor will start with a dosage that you feel comfortable with and adjust it according to your comfort once you are on the medicine. If too much makes you ill, tell them and he will quickly adjust it.

Physical Therapy

It is possible to use onion juice, vinegar and lemon juice on your melasma spots. These natural remedies are cheap and safe, albeit somewhat smelly. A homeopath would help you apply these ingredients if necessary. Bleaching creams may also be applied, but a homeopath would be unlikely to use such a harsh ingredient on your skin. Melasma can sometimes be triggered by stress or lack of exercise. A physical fitness regiment may be applied by your homeopath to keep you physically fit and active.


Though it isn’t always necessary, counseling is possible for melasma under homeopathic therapy. Melasma can be an embarrassing condition for some people. They may find they feel ugly with their melasma. Though these are normal feelings, they can be difficult to deal with. A homeopathic doctor or nurse will be there to talk to you if you need someone who will understand what you are going through. If your problems are beyond their expertise, they may refer you a psychologist or psychiatrist.

Melasma is a skin disorder that results in skin discoloration. This disease affects many people