How to Cut Sugar in a Diet

How much sugar is too much? Sugar has been blamed for everything from obesity to hyperactive kids. While sugar is not the only culprit, there are many health benefits to cutting back on sugar in your diet. Be aware of the empty or hidden sugars in your diet, too, such as corn syrup or cane juice. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of sugar you consume.

Read food labels and check out the sugar content. The average adult diet with of 2,000 calories with fruits and vegetables should only have about 40 g of sugar a day. If you have just one regular soda, you have already exceeded that amount in one drink.

Replace your favorite sugary foods with a natural fruit or reduced sugar items. Learn to replace items in your diet that are high in empty sugars, such as corn syrup, with natural fruit or vegetable choices. It doesn’t have to be dull–you can try berries with sugar-free Cool Whip for a sweet craving, for example.

Be prepared with foods or snacks that are low in sugar wherever you go. Keep them in your car or purse.

Use a natural sweetener such as Xylitol or Stevia in your favorite recipes instead of sugar.

Some sugar is not bad. If you have a basically healthy diet, you can allow 10 tsp. of sugar a day. So keep some of your favorite sugar foods, just reduce it to once or twice a week.