How to Find Soy Butter

For people who are allergic to traditional peanut butter, soy butter can be a great option for enjoying the delicious creaminess of peanut butter without the negative side effects. Soy butter is peanut and dairy free. Because soy butter is not found at most traditional grocery stores, it can be difficult to find unless you know where to look.

Visit your local health or organic supermarket. Specialty grocery stores tend to carry products that mainstream grocery stores do not stock. Health or organic stores typically have a good selection of foods for those with allergies.

Purchase soy butter online. and Amazon both offer ample choices.

Make your own soy butter. If for some reason you cannot find soy butter at your local health store or do not want to order it online, simply make your own.

A delicious and quick soy butter recipe can be found at: All you need is soy milk, a food processor, oil and lemon juice. Place soy milk into a food processor, then pour in the oil and mix. When the mixture starts to stiffen, add lemon juice.

For people who are allergic to traditional peanut butter