Techniques for a Flat Belly

A flat belly may be desirable, but it can be difficult to achieve without a bit of work. Eat in a way that will keep the body from getting bloated, and lose excess fat in order to look your best and flatten up that tummy.


Stomach bloating is a temporary issue that can make it difficult to have a flat belly. Eliminate some of the factors that cause bloating, and it’s possible to be one step closer to achieving that goal.

Constipation can make you appear bloated, so eat a high-fiber diet and stay hydrated. Make whole grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables a large part of the diet, and aim for around eight glasses of water every day.

A food allergy, such dairy or wheat, can cause excess gas and make you appear bloated. A doctor can help diagnose any food allergies you may have. Other foods that cause gas–cabbage, beans or broccoli–should be limited but not avoided altogether, as they have many health benefits.

Do not eat too quickly, and make sure to chew food slowly and thoroughly. Eat throughout the day and keep meals small, not large. Avoid carbonated beverages and limit chewing gum, which can cause you to swallow more air. A low-sodium diet can also help with bloat, as salty foods lead to water retention.

If your stomach is still bloated, see a doctor to discuss what else could be causing bloat, and to rule out anything that could be more serious.

If your health is not an issue, ask the doctor or a nutritionist to help you set up an eating plan for maximum weight loss that will not compromise health or metabolism. While a reduction in calories may be necessary, it is important not to cut calories to an extreme and to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.


The other big factor that makes it difficult to achieve the look of a flat belly is extra stomach fat. Many people think that crunches are the key to losing weight in the midsection. However, while they may help tone abdominal muscles, they will not make the fat go away. The best way to do this is to combine cardiovascular exercise with strength training and a healthy diet. Toned muscles under a layer of fat will not make the belly look flat.

Consider setting up a consultation with a personal trainer, or getting a gym membership to help lose weight and get in shape. Use a variety of strength training exercises, especially for abdominal muscles. Kickboxing and pilates classes will work the whole body, or ask the trainer for suggestions that will help achieve a flat stomach. Find a couple forms of cardio that are enjoyable, such as running or swimming, to help burn fat.