How to Get Rid of Stalkers

A person who is a victim of stalking may feel like her safety is constantly threatened. A simple walk can turn into a horrible encounter with the stalker. Every stalker is different; each has different reasons for stalking the victim and will use different methods of following the victim. To ensure her safety, the victim must enlist the police to get rid of the stalker.

Step 1

Collect evidence proving that you are being stalked. Write down the days, the times, and the places where you see your stalker or come into contact with your stalker.

Step 2

Save all the messages the stalker sends you—including faxes, emails, text messages, voice mails and letters.

Step 3

Write down your feelings and the changes that have occurred in your life because of the stalker. Keep a journal and write down the days you cannot sleep, the days you do not go to work or school and the days that you need to talk to someone about your current situation. Your journal will help prove that the stalker was affecting your life negatively.

Step 4

Contact the police, and show them your evidence. The police department may issue a search warrant of the stalker’s home and car. If there is enough evidence, the police will press charges and get you a court case. If the evidence proves harassment or trespassing, the court process will be expedited.

Step 5

Get witnesses to testify in court. Your witnesses will help prove that you were being stalked and that the court needs to take immediate action.

Present your case against your stalker and abide by the judge’s ruling.