How to Wrap Your Leg

Elastic bandages are used for several reasons. If you have a wound, you may use an elastic bandage to hold a bandage over the wound or to hold an ice pack over the injured area. You may also use it to help with blood flow in your leg or to provide support to a weakened muscle due to a pull or strain. Whatever the reason for the elastic bandage, you can easily use one to wrap your leg at home.

Grasp the end of a rolled elastic bandage in one hand with the rolled part facing up. Place the loose end of the elastic bandage on your foot, just above your toes and hold it in place.

Wrap the elastic bandage around your foot two times, making sure you cover the loose end. Let go of the end once you have wrapped around once. Wrap clockwise when wrapping the right leg and counter-clockwise when you are wrapping the left leg. Make sure the bandage is snug but not too tight.

Wrap the elastic bandage up your foot and around your ankle, leaving your heel exposed. The elastic bandage should overlap itself by half the width of the bandage on each wrap. Continue to move up your leg about five inches and then start wrapping downward.

Continue to wrap up and down your leg until you have used the entire bandage.

Use medical tape to adhere the loose end of the elastic bandage. Do not use metal clips as they can irritate the skin.

Remove the wrap at least twice a day. Leave the wrap off for five minutes and then reapply. Leave your leg unwrapped at night unless your doctor advises otherwise.

Elastic bandages are used for several reasons. If you have a wound