How to Stop Smoking While Pregnant

When a woman that smokes becomes pregnant, she must stop smoking right away. Unfortunately, some of the stop smoking aids are not good for the baby as well. There are some ways to stop smoking without making your life stressful. The addiction to nicotine will subside after a while, but until then, one must take some measures to quit smoking for good and remain healthy mentally. Many of the stop smoking aids introduce nicotine to the body and cannot be used. Any plan to stop smoking while pregnant has to be natural.

Stop smoking and use fat drinking straws to hold in your hand or even chew on them. This is going to keep your hands busy as well as your mind. Try chewing on the straw for long periods to help curb the need for something to do.

Avoid caffeine or alcohol during pregnancy, but also when trying to stop smoking. The caffeine and alcohol make the need for nicotine stronger. Non-alcoholic beverages should also be avoided at this time.

Strong urges to smoke will require sucking on hard candy. Keep the straw handy as well. Drink plenty of water while sucking on hard candy. Keep the hands busy with the straw. It is important to keep the hands and mind busy when trying to stop smoking.

Eat healthy foods that are low in fat and calories when you stop smoking while pregnant. This might include saltine crackers, which are good for morning sickness as well, and yogurt, carrot sticks and fruits.

Participate in hypnosis to stop smoking. This can be done with a self-hypnosis tape or by visiting a professional hypnotist. This process might need to be repeated one or two times during the pregnancy.

When a woman that smokes becomes pregnant