The Nutritional Value of Breadfruit

Breadfruit got its name from the smell of the fruit itself, as many say that the smell resembles freshly-baked bread. Breadfruit is an oval-shaped, bright green fruit. There are multiple nutritional benefits to adding this brightly-colored fruit to your daily diet.


One serving of breadfruit is considered one cup of raw breadfruit. This is 220g of breadfruit (according to the USDA).


One serving of breadfruit will add calories to your diet, but because of the high amount of fiber and general carbohydrates. One serving has 227 calories.


Breadfruit is a low-fat fruit, perfect for those who are worried about their fat intake. One serving only has 1g of fat.

Dietary Fiber

Breadfruit is an excellent source of dietary fiber, with 11g per serving. This is 43 percent of your daily recommended amount of dietary fiber.

Vitamin C

One serving of breadfruit can be an excellent source of vitamin C as well. One serving has 106 percent of your daily amount of vitamin C.

Breadfruit got its name from the smell of the fruit itself