Nutrition for Diabetes

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to adopt a rabbit-like diet of nothing but fruits and vegetables once you’re diagnosed with diabetes. A proper diabetic diet relies on smart food choices, sweets included.

The Facts

Blood sugar, also known as glucose, is created from the foods you eat. Choosing the right foods can help to keep your glucose levels at a healthy level.

The Diet

There is no one diet for all people with diabetes. The key is balance and moderation. The proper combination of carbohydrates, protein and fat will help keep your glucose levels under control.


You can eat sugar with diabetes. But too much can send your glucose levels sky-rocketing, so remember to make it part of a balanced diet, not in place of one.


Meeting with a registered dietitian (RD) can make a world of difference in your meal choices, as RDs are specially trained in how the body uses food. Find one who understands diabetes and she will help you re-learn how to look at food.


Try switching to artificial sweeteners whenever possible, as they have fewer calories than sugar with all the taste.

Contrary to popular belief