How to Heal Pressure Ulcers

A pressure sores is called a bed sore, or decubitus ulcer. It is an injury to the skin and tissues. A pressure sore can develop from sitting or lying in one position too long, and can appear on certain areas of the body. Healing pressure sores depends on nutrition, pressure relief and care of the sore. These sores take a very long time to heal properly.

Home Treatments For Healing Pressure Ssores

Change positions often. Removing any pressure from the sore is the first part of the healing process.

Drink plenty of fluids, such as orange juice, cranberry juice and water. Eat good nutritional meals, and stop smoking if you are a smoker.

Clean the sore by wiping off dead tissue with a gentle wash with salt water. Place a dressing over the sore to keep it clean and dry. Wash the sore often.

A pressure sores is called a bed sore