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Postnatal Depression Symptoms

Postnatal depression, which is alternatively referred to as postpartum depression, is a serious condition that affects as many as 10 percent of new mothers to some degree. Depression can interfere with a mother’s ability to care for and bond with her baby, and an extremely severe form known as postpartum psychosis can be extremely dangerous to the safety of mother and child. However, the good news is that postnatal depression is very treatable.

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Can You Roll Over an HSA Into Another HSA?

An HSA is also known as a health savings account. This type of account provides for tax-free savings that may be used for health-related expenses. Your HSA may also be used to pay deductibles on your high-deductible health plan. But if you lose your HSA plan or change health insurance providers, you may want to roll your HSA into another HSA.

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How to Use Peroxide to Remove Earwax

Ear wax is produced by cerumen glands in your ears and is meant as a protective agent. It traps any foreign objects such as bugs, dirt and bacteria, before they can enter your ear. However, it would seem that the cerumen glands can become a bit over zealous in their production at times, which can cause hearing loss and pain from blockage of the ear canal. However, there is a solution. Read on to learn how to use peroxide to remove earwax.

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